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Combined binoculars (only for government)

Skanda LIRA combined binoculars are a portable device with integrated high-sensitivity camera, thermal imaging uncooled LWIR module, and photo-video recorder. It is an ideal tactical device for observation at night or in conditions of poor visibility that provides users with unprecedented intelligence and surveillance capabilities. Skanda LIRA belongs to the class of passive optical devices, which makes impossible detection of the user.

The binoculars are controlled by the Menu buttons or by software, when connected to a computer. The device allows you to take pictures, record videos, and save the information to the internal memory.

Please find below the main features and functions of the binoculars.


Power on/off, image mode switch, contrast and brightness adjustment, focus adjustment, warm white, warm black;

Saving, playing back, searching and deleting of photo-video files;

Low voltage and reverse battery



Function of displaying and hiding the reticle;

Passive distance measurement for an object with a height of 1.7 m;

Search for the warmest target in sight;

Function of contouring thermal targets;

Power-off data protection;

Binocular observation using 2 eyepieces;

Protective cover for the connector;

Self-monitoring and tooltips during operation.

Increasing with the special button without entering MENU;

Work from 2 and from 4 batteries 18650;

Nitrogen filling of the housing.


Skanda LIRA

Device type


Taking pictures, recording videos


Image Display Modes

Low-level image, IR image, combined monochrome image, color combined image

Thermal imaging camera

Thermal radiation receiver

Uncooled VOx, 800*600, 17 μm

Spectral range of work

7-14 μm

Field of view

17,2°х12,9° (±5%)


f=45 мм, f/D=0,95

Object display polarity

Warm White / Black

Brightness / Contrast setting


Time to the operating mode

<30 s

Human Recognition Range

≥700 m

TV camera


CCD matrix, 1 inch, 800х600, 18 μm

Cargo volume

48 Ке


f=47,6 mm, f/D=1,1

Human Recognition Range

≥300 m

General characteristics


Color OLED; 1280х1024

Image Frame Rate

50 Hz or 25 Hz

Optical magnification


Electronic zoom

1х, 2х, 4х, 8х

Video interface


Data exchange interface


Used connector

LEMO 9 pin


2*18650; 4*18650

Built-in memory


Weight (including 4 batteries 18650)

≤ 1050 g

Device operating time

≥6 hours

Dimensions, not more than

175х70х155 mm


¼ inch standard

Vibration test

Sinusoid 5Hz-200Hz-5Hz, 1.5g by 3 axes, 6 min for each axis

Impact test

Half-sine wave, pulse width  6 msec,

acceleration 20g, 3 axes, 3 times impact for each axis

Operating temperature range

from -40°C to +55°C

Storage Temperature range

from -55°C to +70°C

Device protection

IP 67

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