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About Us


Varus Tecnologia was founded in Mexico in 2007. We have come a long way since then becoming experts in security field. Today our company offers different types of security equipment, including data protection, anti-terrorism, inspection, radio monitoring systems, etc. We constantly update our equipment and develop new technologies, to provide our clients with the most advanced solutions.

We collaborate with government authorities of many countries helping them to fight against crime. Our solutions are used to counter terrorism, drug and human traffic, kidnapping, extortion, information leakage, etc. At the same time we work closely with private companies offering our latest developments for solving problems that appear in security sector.

We not only develop, design and produce security equipment, but also offer consulting services and project management in security sphere. Our highly qualified technicians are ready to plan and implement a project according to Customer’s needs and requirements. We have experience in installation of equipment on government facilities, military bases, inside different types of vehicles.

We offer guarantee and technical support for all our devices and systems. Our specialists carry out installation and put into operation all our security systems, and provide a training course on them.

We invite you to visit our office in Puebla where you could see most of our products. Our staff would be glad to receive you and answer all your questions.

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