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Equipment for radio monitoring and digital signal analysis
Kassandra-TM30 (9 kHz-30 GHz)
Kassandra-TM9 (9 kHz-9 GHz)

The Kassandra-TM30 complex of radio monitoring and digital signal analysis is designed for round-theclock, continuous radio monitoring of the object and detection of unauthorized radio transmissions, including those with complex concealment algorithms, as well as for the analysis of digital communication standards. The complex can be used as an IQ recorder with a recording bandwidth of up to 32 MHz.

Stationary version

A monoblock with a built-in RPU with an ADC unit with control from a PC via LAN 1 Gb/s. When two complexes are installed together and connected together, it is possible to implement a two-channel operation mode in both synchronous and asynchronous mode (requires a computer with two network adapters (LAN 1 Gb). Asynchronous mode allows you to automate the process of analysing and recording detected signals without having to stop scanning the Master complex.


Portable version

Option 1. Built into a secure Peli 1495 case. It has a built-in battery (2.5 hours of battery life) and a 4-channel antenna switch in the range of 25 MHz-9 GHz.
Option 2. Similar to a stationary monoblock. The monoblock has an autonomous power supply system for 2.5 hours of operation. The Peli 1495 case is only used for transportation.

Kassandra TM_esp.jpg

Group work

When two or more complexes are used together, it is possible to create a unified radio monitoring network with a single control and management center. Information about the state of the complexes comes from the servers of the complexes to the PC of the control operator. On the control operator’s PC, I_RemoteCheck program displays all information about the detection of signals, the operation of the complexes, their activation and deactivation, as well as the activation of the sensors of the fire alarm system (only in the stationary version).
If it is necessary to compare the signal spectra, it is possible to display in the control program of any complex of the spectra of another complex selected for comparison. In order to use this function RT-Group option is needed.

Frequence range


Maximum tuning speed

Average self-noise level,
without preamp (DANL)

Dynamic range at the compression
point of 1 dB (without ATT)

Real-time analysis band

IQ recording band

Maximum frequency resolution

Types of software demodulators

Types of analysed digital
communication standards

Operating mode

Receiving unit’s cooling method

Unique features

Type of computer
connection interface

Kassandra-TM30 (9 kHz-30 GHz)
(three RF inputs: Input 1: 25MHz-9000 MHz
Input 2: 9 GHz-30 GHz; Input 3: 9 kHz-25 MHz)


Kassandra-TM9 (9 kHz-9 GHz)
(two RF inputs: Input 1: 25-9000 MHz;
Input 2: 9 kHz-25 MHz)


* In the version with an antenna switch, the complexes have 4 inputs 25 MHz-9 GHz (only in the case version)

High-speed radio monitoring and digital signal
analysis complex/IQ recorder

More than 200 GHz/sec (RBW 54 kHz)
120 GHz/sec (RBW 13 kHz)
(in the range of 25-9000 MHz)


More than 70 GHz/sec (RBW 13 kHz)
(in the range of 9-30 GHz)

-158 dBm (1Hz)

Not less than 120 dB

0.256…32 MHz

12 MHz (no IQ recording time limit)

32 MHz (at least 2 minutes with 1 Gb LAN interface)

2 Hz



(fragment up to 8 seconds)

Bluetooth (getting MAC and LAP addresses of detected
devices), DECT, 802.15.4(Zigbee, etc.), DVB -
T, DVB-T2, 2G (GSM) - network topology, 3G (UMTS)
- network topology, 4G (LTE) - network topology

24 / 7 / 365

Active cooling using a low-noise fan with a noise
level of no more than 60

Power Supply

Operating temperature range (degrees Celsius)

- Maintaining high speed with narrow bandwidth;
- Connection to a complex of fire-fighting and other sensors with the display of information about triggers in the software;
-Use as a manual amplitude direction finder (if there are directional antennas with an electronic compass included in the delivery package);
- Separate RF inputs for connecting band antennas.

LAN 1 Gb/s

~220v/50 9-36 V

From +5 up to +70 (in the version without battery)

Storage temperature range (degrees Celsius)

From -20 up to +70 (in the version without battery)

Main Block dimesions (mm.)

375х240х45 Kassandra-TM30 (stationary)
265х240х45 Kassandra-TM9 (stationary)
549×438×124 (Case PELI-1495)

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