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High-speed, wearable complex of radio monitoring and digital signal analysis with built-in antenna switch (9 kHz-6 GHz)

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The complex is designed for long-term round-the-clock, periodic or operational monitoring of radio placement, digital signal processing and analysis, detection of unauthorized radio emissions in the inspected premises, detailed study of radio signals, localization of radiation sources, as well as for creating archives of radio monitoring results.


The complex performs radio monitoring in the operating frequency range, stores panoramas of ranges, spectra of individual signals and the main radio technical parameters of detected radio signals in the computer memory. If necessary, it is possible to use an antenna switch that allows you to monitor up to 4 rooms simultaneously in the range of 25-6000 MHz, or connect band antennas.

The complex solves the following tasks:

1. Reception of signals in the entire operating frequency range and fixation in the computer memory of the main radio technical parameters of detected radio signals in automatic mode;

2. Panoramic spectral analysis;

3. Evaluation of radio signal parameters;

4. Digital analysis and automatic identification of DECT, TETRA, APCO-P25, DMR, Bluetooth, GSM (2G), UMTS (3G), DVB-T2, 802.15.4 (ZigBee) signals (if DTest option is available);

5. Analysis of WiFi networks (if RadioInspectorWiFi is available);

6. Vector analysis of signals;

7. Demodulation of analog video transmitters in the frequency band 30-6000 MHz;

8. Localization of radio sources in the room;

9. Documenting the monitoring result.

Technical specifications

Operating range


Dynamic range (without attenuator!)

The maximum frequency resolution

The maximum scanning speed


- supply network:

- autonomous operation time of:

Dimensions of the main unit

Main unit weight

0.009 – 6000 MHz

-158 dBm/Hz

more than 110dBm

2 Hz

14000 MHz/s*

100÷240V, 50 Hz

at least 2 hours

3 kg

260×250×55 mm

* With a bandwidth of 19 kHz. The speed depends on the control line and the technical
characteristics of the PC

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