Combined binoculars "Skanda 70LIRA"

Combined binoculars "Skanda 70LIRA" is a portable device in which a camera with high sensitivity, a thermal imaging uncooled LWIR module and a photo-video recorder are integrated. It is an ideal tactical device for surveillance at night or in conditions of poor visibility, allowing users to have unprecedented intelligence and surveillance capabilities. The product belongs to the class of passive optical devices that makes it difficult to detect the operator. The main functions of the product can be activated using the Menu buttons or software when connected to a computer. Using the device it is possible to conduct video and photography with saving information and viewing through the eyepieces of the product. The main characteristics and functions of the binoculars are given in the Table.



  • Power on / off, image mode switch, contrast and brightness adjustment, focus adjustment, warm white, warm black;

  • Functions for saving, playing back, searching and deleting photo-video files;

  • Low voltage warning, reverse battery protection;

  • The function of displaying and hiding the reticle;

  • Passive distance measurement for an object with a height of 1.7 m;

  • Search for the warmest target in sight;

  • The function of contouring thermal targets;

  • Power-off data protection function;

  • Binocular observation using 2 eyepieces; 

  • Protective cover for the connector;

  • Self-monitoring and prompts during application;

  • Work from 2 and from 4 batteries 18650; 

  • Nitrogen filling of the housing.


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